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Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Predicting 2011 Oscar Winners for the 83rd Academy Awards

Many movie fans & film critics are wondering or guessing who will win an Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony on February 27th. If you’d like to predict the winners in 2011 with the help of semantics & social media, TipTop’s 83rd Academy Awards Special is the best place for you to visit. TipTop’s engine is continuously extracting the sentiment expressed in thousands of your tweets each day around the Oscars as well as the films & actors that have been nominated for these awards. It’s not as painful as it might sound and no one is injured except for some celebrity egos along the way. TipTop’s Oscar preductions are found in our blog post, “Oscars Race Social Media Award Winners Before the Envelope, Please”.

So, instead of using a crystal ball this year, we recommend you review TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards to see who is Top trending and who is Flop trending. You can also use the daily tips and the top web sites that TipTop features in addition to sentiment trends for each of the films, movies, actors & actresses. Give us a spin and let us know your predictions by tweeting them to @twitTipTop or posting them on TipTop’s facebook page.

Today, Jeff Bridges is Tops on the Best Actor Leaderboard but this can’t be a long term trend! If you tweet, now is a great time to support your favorite movie, actor and actress with messages indicating your liking. Make sure you visit TipTop’s Academy Award Leaderboards for the latest results and come back next week to see TipTop’s award predictions! We were quite pleased with the accuracy of our predictions last year. Read “Watching the 2010 Academy Awards & Walking the Red Carpet Via TipTop Social Search & Sentiment” for our 82nd Academy Award prediction results.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Weekend Movie Reviews: New Releases

See What’s Hot & What’s Not at theaters this weekend! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see this weekend on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are at the same predicament as Roger, do yourself a favor and use TipTop help you figure it all out.

RogerDeRok tweets: “Debating whether to take Luisa to see Legend Of The Guardians this weekend or wait until it hits the 2nd run theaters to avoid wallet rape.”

This is what people are saying about this weekends new releases. Click the links to see the magic of TipTop 😉

Query Tips% Pits% Concepts
“the social network”
I logged into facebook after having seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK. I FEEL SO SOULLESS AND LONELY (@ Barnes & Noble)
32% 9% social network, movie, facebook, newark, school, seeing, screening, work, premiere, soundtrack, catfish
“100 Voices”
Just saw “100 Voices: A Journey Home”-inspired, emotional, historic, educational & the cantors were outstanding!
30% 4% home, movie, film, music, poland, documentary, song, event, gold, history, ticket
Tibet in Song


Opening in #NYC on Friday-“Tibet in Song” by former Political Prisoner Ngawang Choephel. Great review here:

#tibet #fb

18% 2% song, new york city, film, cinema, documentary, premiere, magazine
movie “Wall Street”
Thoughtful, well written review. Good movie writing. NYT: Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” Sequel –
51% 9% street, walls, film, greedy, bank, system, wall street journal, business, work, the wall
Waiting for Superman
Waiting for Superman: Andy- some students charming. Tries to give us hope, but this could have been PBS #filmweek
21% 9% education, movie, documentary, school, system, film, theater, teacher, video, walls, street, new york city, student, american
Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaana Anjaani Release Date Delayed New Release Date 1st October –
32% 14% song, movie, film, ayodhya, video, bollywood, pic, guy, fan, tween, hp
movie Howl
enjoyed the movie Howl. I have a new appreciation for allen Ginsberg’s work and the literary heritage of SF. James Franco was great.
43% 4% allen, poem, story, book, poetry, talk, opening, theater, dinner
Enter the Void
Death Is A trip In Enter The Void
37% 7% film, gaspar, movie, town, trip, cinema, theater, united kingdom, director, new york city, seeing, fan, folks
Legend of the Guardians
Without a doubt, Zack Snyder’s BEST movie to date. Absolutely INCREDIBLE and, at times, BREATHTAKING.
38% 10% legend, movie, walls, street, kid, theater, theatre, game, talking, ako, film, partner
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