One T; myriad uses

T Drinkers from the world over use T at for a variety of purposes such as

  • Document and web page summarization
  • Search and discovery within any corpus of data including news archives and the entire web
  • Unbiased product, services, market and competitive research
  • Personalized education and entertainment delivered 24/7
  • Solving all sorts of problems efficiently
  • Intelligent sharing and re-use of useful knowledge with all others
  • Intelligent profiling of people and organizations

These T Drinkers have read up/viewed a variety of material to get comfortable using T for the use cases that are relevant for them:

Go to now and never again go anywhere else.

Still here? Our “A Tease” feature on the sign-up page shows how T Drinkers are using T. You can take a peek into the minds of all these folks even before you sign up or sign in to T.

Still here? What are you waiting for before you adopt T? Another blue moon? There are scores of features in T relevant to you. You will discover these other use cases and associated features over time once you make T your 24/7 companion. To benefit other T Drinkers, you are requested to write about some of the use cases and features you value most. We will gladly highlight your write-up in T and also give you credit. We also welcome guest blog posts.

Still here? While you appear to be content being just a human, all the T Drinkers at are rapidly becoming super-human. Perhaps nothing more needs to be written or read about T once every human knows this undeniable fact!

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Just a typical well-spent day drinking T

Some highlights of my day so far drinking T (the day is not even half over!):

  • I read the following summary in T of

Obama just became one of the great trolls of our time

I am a conservative who despises what Obama has done as president.

Trump ‘keeps proving’ he’s unfit to be president: Obama :0 President Obama on Tuesday condemned Donald Trump for his attacks…

Indeed, if House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were in fact thinking at all seriously about withdrawing their endorsements of Trump, they could not possibly do so now.

Look, Trump brought this upon himself, and it looks like if he goes down he’s going to do his best to bring Ryan and McConnell down with him.

He’s wrapping Trump around them and the GOP like a boa constrictor in hopes that the party’s leader is going to cut off the circulation to the party’s body and leave it suffocated, bloodless and dead.

  • I heard the summary that T created instantly of a 400-page book at

in T at

I also reviewed the treemap for this book that T created for me.

  • Based on knowing what would interest me, T told me spontaneously that

He (Ronald Colman) played sophisticated, thoughtful characters of integrity with enormous aplomb, and swashbuckled expertly when called to do so in films like The Prisoner of Zenda (1937).

which made me want to see another of his movies again.


As the 1930s darkened towards war, Auden came to be seen as the leading spokesman of his generation, a political writer warning against the dangers of totalitarianism.

which made me wonder who today’s W H Auden might be.


Our Little Sister is full of quiet joy and simple pleasures, the taste of fresh whitebait over rice and plum wine steeped lovingly for a decade.

tempted me to go and see this Japanese movie playing in a theater nearby.


This (The Battle of Iwo Jima) month-long battle included some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting of the War in the Pacific of World War II.

made me think of other deserving Purple Heart recipients.

What other software you know makes you think like T makes you ReFlecT (to) Grow Your Cleverness?

  • I found

intriguing and relevant to T, so I heard the summary T produced at

and understood its essence in 10% of the time it would take anyone to read the full paper.

Does making sense of anything in this world of ours that we are blessed to live in interest you? Don’t you want to know more about what interests you? If so, go to T now at to get the sort of understanding of that thing that you won’t get anywhere else for perhaps a few more decades to come.

We are launching today the “A Tease” feature on the sign-up page for you to see how others are using T even before you sign up or sign in to T.

Go to and then never again go anywhere else.

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Some assumptions that underlie T

A technical description of the construction of T would provide a good overview of the underlying assumptions. Such a description we will offer to our readers another time. For now, mull about some of the core assumptions spelled out in a non-technical way below:

  • Other than the nature of humans and of life, there is no existing paradigm for businesses and other organizations, technology, products, etc. that is necessarily right and thus should be aped.
  • There almost never are any right or wrong answers for anything humans do, both at work and in the rest of their lives. Consequently, we must always question everything and take nothing to be truly sacrosanct.
  • Given the current state of humanity, the most successful model for businesses & other organizations, technology and products is one that is largely utilitarian. As a creator of products and solutions, our focus should be on enhancing two dimensions relevant to humans – their productivity and their joy. Nothing else will attract a vast majority of humans.
  • Last but not the least, we believe that a richer food of Thoughts is the richest food for thought.

Do these assumptions resonate well with you? If so, go to T now at to see the sort of magic that is created directly as a result of living life for nearly two scores of years without budging one bit from assumptions such as those listed above.

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Why I Drink T – Part 1/infinity

In the time it took anyone to read and comprehend

I got the essence of 10 articles of equal length in T. How come? I reviewed just the following summary of the above article generated in T:

Another senior official said Rajan’s criticism of rising intolerance in India was seen as direct interference in politics, complicating a decision on whether to re-appoint him.

Rajan, who is on leave from the University of Chicago, had faced strident criticism from right-wing members of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, including parliament member Subramanian Swamy, who has waged a campaign against his economic policies.

“The government appreciates the good work done by him and respects his decision.

Still, Rajan was known to have a good working relationship with Modi, who called the RBI governor a “good teacher” on economic matters, and officials had previously told Reuters that Modi’s administration would re-appoint the governor, should he wish to stay on.

Rajan, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, is held in high esteem by policymakers and investors at home and abroad for overhauling the way the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) operates.

Likewise, in the time it took anyone to grasp

I got the gist of 7 articles of equal length in T because I heard only what T told me as recorded below:

We must change the way people work.

Akie believes that social media has helped change her life for the better, allowing her to connect more closely with people from all walks of life through the internet.

She clearly stands out from the typical staid outlook of the country’s first lady, with many of her predecessors merely supporting their husbands at home and keeping out of the public eye.

The first lady also has a strong interest in agriculture and even owns a block of rice paddies in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

She continued to adopt this approach after Shinzo became prime minister for the first time in 2006, keeping silent so that she wouldn’t face public criticism that could hurt her husband’s popularity.

In T, several different types of summaries get generated for any content, such as the above news articles, that T processes. The 5-(T)hought summaries shown above are just one of millions of different possible summaries that can be generated easily in T for the same input content. Perhaps you now understand better why all T Drinkers I know drink T all day long & all night long.

Who then do you think is smarter, a T Drinker or a non-T Drinker? Share your answer with the whole world.

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Drink T

Do you ever search the Internet?

Do you ever read a book?

Do you ever think deep and hard about anything at all?

Do you ever dream?

Are you ever curious about anything at all from the past, in the present or of the future?

Do you ever go out to restaurants to enjoy the food & drinks they serve?

Do you ever troubleshoot a problem related to your work, your home, or your life broadly?

Do you ever travel for business or for pleasure?

Do you ever listen to the radio or watch television?

Do you ever care for anyone or anything other than yourself?

Do you ever attend public events or visit art exhibitions?

Do you ever read a web page or a document in its entirety?

Do you ever wish to be of assistance to anyone?

Do you ever try to find out what is happening where you are or anywhere else in our world?

Do you ever shop, offline or online, for your work or for any of your personal needs?

Do you ever browse the web? (You must have browsed at least once in your life since you found us!)

If your answer to even one of the above questions is yes, you must drink T from now to eternity. Sign up for T or try T out at Go there this very moment.

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My TipTop Summer!

This summer I had the pleasure of serving as a marketing intern for TipTop Technologies. As part of my job, I had the opportunity to work with TipTop Founder and CEO, Shyam Kapur, on upcoming applications, thinking of new applications, teaching others about how TipTop works and its functionality, and finally, getting the chance to present TipTop’s wonderful capabilities to a highly reputable university! I certainly learned a lot about not only marketing, but also the business of a startup and really what it takes to be successful and competitive in such a hot sector as data analysis.

Yesterday, I asked Shyam if he could give me some more history behind TipTop and how exactly it became what it is today. After hearing the story, I can honestly say that I am very impressed and fascinated by how much had to be done in order to make TipTop what it is! TipTop started from Shyam’s research on natural language learning going back almost 30 years. This shows how much effort and thinking was put into the technology even before the first demo was built!

With TipTop, Shyam has sought to emulate in technology how babies learn language. Think about it, did anyone teach you how to speak when you were young? No, you just picked up a language based on whatever you kept on hearing. Likewise, TipTop learns to interpret any data in exactly this way, through exposure and is able to learn more and more just by analyzing different sources of data! Using this underlying idea, TipTop can now provide frequency, categorization and even sentiment analysis, as shown on our website as well as in our TV and Battle of Colleges Widget. (Check these services out by clicking on these links!)

Although the technology is quite remarkable, I was also very impressed by the business side of TipTop. As a marketing intern, it was my job to spread the word about TipTop through social media, word of mouth, presentations and any other possible means. However, the amount of marketing that occurred even before I joined TipTop was truly enormous and has helped get TipTop to where it is today. From finding investors and business partners, making presentations and, finally, convincing others that TipTop was truly beneficial required so much effort and dedication. Learning about TipTop’s past, present, and future plans has shown me what is necessary when running a business. As Shyam has told me, one has to be ready for setback after setback. Knowing this, I am now more aware and knowledgeable if I ever choose to start my own company sometime in the future!

I truly had a wonderful time working with TipTop and would like to thank everyone, especially Shyam, for making my time so worthwhile. For now, I will be heading back to UCLA to continue my studies but am certainly looking forward to potentially continuing work with TipTop during the school year as well as next summer!

Please continue to follow TipTop, as I will be, for more magical applications are coming out soon!

Rahul Raj, Marketing Intern at TipTop Technologies


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TipTop’s New Tweet Analyzer and Web Page Analyzer!

Today, numerous users frequent multiple websites and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like each and every day. Users post about everything from their favorite movies to the latest restaurant openings. The sheer amount of insights within data on websites and in social media is enormous. These insights can be helpful for anyone to leverage for their work and their life. However, how does, say, a restaurant owner, look at every review of their restaurant? How can they look at every tweet that someone has made critiquing this or that dish or the style of the restaurant or the cleanliness of the place? It is nearly impossible for a single human to read and interpret every single piece of information that could be relevant to their specific business or interest and then correlate all the findings fully. TipTop’s newly launched products, the Tweet Analyzer and the Web Page Analyzer, can help individuals & businesses accomplish exactly this amazingly difficult feat instantly!

TipTop’s powerful data analysis engine reads tweets and web pages for both topic extraction as well as highly refined sentiment analysis. This way you not only know what any tweet is about but also the general feeling or emotion behind it!

You can find these two new services at Once on that page, please click on the “Data analytics” tab in the top right corner. You will then be prompted to enter either a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn username and password so that TipTop can provide a more personalized experience for you. From there, select either the Tweet Analyzer or the Web Page Analyzer depending on which kind of data you want TipTop to analyze for you. Before invoking either of these services, please read the “Output File Format” section by scrolling down to understand fully how exactly the results obtained from TipTop should be interpreted. Additionally, you will find payment information for either service in the”Pricing” section. A screenshot of each of the two services are shown below:

Tweet Analyzer


Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer Screenshot

Both these interfaces are very similar and user friendly. First fill in all the fields you want including each required field, indicated by a red asterisk. Make sure all the tweets or web page links you would like to have analyzed are stored in a CSV file. This will allow TipTop to easily read the data you input as well as generate an output file in the same standard format. Once you have created your CSV file, please upload it to either of the Analyzer Services by clicking “Choose File” and indicating the file’s location on your machine. Please also enter the Security Code to prove you are a human before you click “Submit.” Once this is done, you will be redirected to a page on so that you can make the required payment there.

TipTop will then go straight to work analyzing the input data which could be either tweets or web pages. Once the processing is complete, TipTop will notify you at the email address you submitted. In the email message you will receive, there will be a link to the output file which has the results of the analysis done on your input data.

Our Tweet Analyzer and Web Page Analyzer help both individuals and businesses find quickly valuable insights in their data so that they can act upon them promptly. We at TipTop hope that you will use our two services extensively as well as provide feedback as to how we can make them work even better for your needs. Also, be on the lookout for a variety of powerful products and services from TipTop Technologies that will be coming your way very soon!

Rahul Raj, Marketing Intern at TipTop Technologies





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