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Thanksgiving Planning: TipTop Now, Give Thanks Later

This Thanksgiving, reduce the hubbub around meal planning, recipe selection, travel decisions, activity ideas and Black Friday shopping — visit TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide, your one-stop destination for any tip you need for any aspect of your Thanksgiving weekend. TipTop gives you all the tips you need in one place so you can spend less time deciding how to celebrate, and more time enjoying the celebration!

For my family, this year’s Thanksgiving is all about keeping it real easy, saving time & money. Below are some useful tips I gleaned from TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving Meal Planning: Did you know that despite all the pundits’ health warnings, Fried Turkey is one of the top ten dishes people are cooking for Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t get it, all that gobbly grease, special pots & mess to clean up.

To keep it easy, I’m going with the Spatchcocked Turkey, from a Denver Post tip found by clicking Turkey in the “Food & Recipes” section of the Guide. TipTop shows other simple dishes that people are planning to prepare this year, like sweet potato, yams, mashed potatoes & green been salad.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips:

Although more people are flying this year, TipTop’s sentiment analysis shows that people don’t seem to be looking forward to air travel this Thanksgiving weekend. Travelers are talking about flight delays, last minute air fares, and the impending “TCS Opt Out Day” airport security pat-down.

Whether you are going to one of the top US or International destinations found in TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Travel section or another location you can quickly see the buzz around town, changing all the time, to get the best tips for whatever interests you. Today, the conversation buzz in these cities is:

  • NYC: dinner, family, party, pack, new york city, home
  • Atlanta: thanksgiving day, dish, party, home, turkey
  • Houston: dallas, event, family, home, thanksgiving day, for thanksgiving

My family is staying local, and riding with a little one, so I was excited to find “Thanksgiving: Tips for Traveling with Baby” tip from TipTop “Thanksgiving traveling” results.

Thanksgiving Activity & Shopping Tips:

Activity tipsGet tons of activity ideas & shopping tips, that TipTop has extracted from tweets, by clicking ‘Surprise Me’ under the Search box. Click ‘Pick Another Activity‘ until you see something of interest. You then get the best tips for decorating centerpieces, for example.

If you want to take advantage of all the Black Friday or Cyber Monday ads from Wal-mart, Target & Best Buy before you make holiday gift purchasing decisions, compare products on TipTop Shopping first. For example, I created an HDTV product comparison guide to easily sort by product attributes & quickly read the best product reviews below:

TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Top 10 lists will be updated over the next week to capture the ongoing Thanksgiving buzz, and TipTop’s search results are always exposing new tips so come back often to let TipTop help you quickly discover the best tips, get varied perspectives, and ultimately help you make better decisions.

Have a delicious Thanksgiving celebration!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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