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TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Health Care, IPad, Prius, Tiger Woods & Toyota

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TipTop In-Depth CoverageTipTop In-Depth Coverage pages illustrate how TipTop’s semantic technology can extract insights from social media, measure topical sentiment trends & aggregate real-time Web content in a meaningful way based upon people’s natural language expression found in tweets and social networking platforms like Twitter. TipTop’s sentiment charts measure trends effectively and accurately for any current topic, subject or event (See Sentiment, Social Media & Twitter Trends). TipTop also provides Tips, piTs & Top Web pages to help you determine why the positive or negative sentiment was the way it was at any moment in time. TopTop’s In-Depth Coverage can now be built easily across any number of different topic areas:



Please enjoy TipTop’s latest In-Depth Coverage by clicking on the following topics below: Health Care, IPad, NCAA, President Obama, Prius, Tiger Woods & Toyota.
TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Health Care Satisfaction TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: IPad Sentiment Trends TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Prius Sentiment TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: Tiger Woods Sentiment TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: Toyota Sentiment Trends
TipTop’s semantic trend analysis, satisfaction ratings & summary results creates many opportunities for a variety of stakeholders:

  • Comparatively, TipTop’s semantic trend analysis is low cost, automated,
    and more reflective of the general population while providing accurate
    polling through social media.
  • We offer the ability to get overall sentiment results as well as
    high quality accurate summary examples from any social or political
    angle through
    well chosen keyword searches.
  • You can easily find out what the exact reason is behind the numbers
    and you can find opinions at finer levels of granularity than any
    traditional polling technique could ever uncover.
  • Questions relevant to
    a topic are also learned from the data so that there is no need to ask
    a rigid set of questions at the start of a poll. The responses that are measured are spontaneous utterances of the wider
    population.  They are not influenced in any way such as in the case of
    an artificial setup of a traditional poll.

At TipTop Technologies, we use natural language analysis, sentiment trend methodology and summary knowledge extraction that is vastly superior to all
existing approaches so that we can truly build the future of search & the semantic Web. It is less costly, faster, more comprehensive and more
accurate. What else could anyone want? If you are ready to embrace the
new world of possibilities we have opened up for you, please contact us.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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