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Its Simple, Shop with “My TipTop Space” to Compare Products & Make Great Decisions

TipTop Shopping TipTop, the Insight Engine, now offers a brand-new way for consumers to comparison shop & make purchasing decisions online or in-store. TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social
search engine
continues to analyze user-generated product reviews from and provide
TipTop product ratings & percentile scores exclusively from these
reviews across a variety of attributes
(Read more…). Shopping Razor Products

TipTop's shopping experience goes way beyond just comparing product prices like other comparison shopping sites. Now with TipTop Shopping, all experiences lead to "My TipTop Space" to help you quickly decide what products or gifts will meet your needs! For example, search for a Personal Care product like "razor" and quickly review the short product summary results. Click "Add to My Space" all the items on the page you wish to compare in greater detail. You can then, continue clicking through additional product result pages, enter another product search, or click "Go to My Space" to start comparing items with TipTop's unique product rating scores & sort items across a variety of product attributes like Quality, Value & Features in addition to Price.

My TipTop Space With "My TipTop Space" you can:

  • Quickly compare multiple products, ratings & prices before you buy.
  • Easily organize your shopping list in one place & make informed decisions.
  • Get relevant product reviews & real-time tips from real consumers all on one page.

Enjoy using the new "My TipTop Space" for making quick & easy online comparison shopping decisions and buying the best products for your needs with's selection of books, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry,  beauty & personal care, gourmet food & just about anything else. 

At TipTop Technologies, we use
natural language analysis and sentiment extraction so that we can truly build the future of search & the semantic Web.  For feedback or inquiries please contact us.


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TipTop Holiday Gift Shopping: Product Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

TipTop Logo TipTop's one-of-a-kind comparison shopping site is ready for your holiday gift purchases. TipTop Shopping takes the bite out of your buying time online!

Do you have time to read 10’s or 100’s of product reviews to make your gift buying decisions this holiday season?
TipTop analyzes the text of product reviews and computes scores for
several attributes including overall quality, safety, value for money, etc. It also displays the best reviews and extracts the
most relevant portions of the review to help you make informed
purchasing decisions quickly.

Why use TipTop Shopping? Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Product Search Results page.

  • It is the only shopping site where shoppers can search millions of products from, browse through the most relevant matches to view TipTop's product ratings, see user reviews grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, and have the options to easily  compare up to 10 products, add items to your cart or buy directly from
  • TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social search engine
    analyzes user-generated product reviews from and provides
    TipTop product ratings and  percentile scores exclusively from these reviews across a variety of attributes, such as
    Overall  Quality, Safety, Features, Value for Money and Price. Compare up to ten products, sort across the attributes that are important to you, and click the percentile scores to see the product reviews below.

Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Checkout Cart

  • For the first time, real-time
    opinions about the products are also incorporated into the shopping
    experience through TipTop Search widgets. The widget includes: Pie charts displaying the
    overall sentiment related to the keyword search, the latest Tip and piT tweets related to the product, and the topical buzz   associated with the search results. Click the links to see TipTop search results. Click Reply or Re-Tip to communicate with Twitter users via Tip Top Search. And, don't for get to add your product selections to your cart and checkout on

Compared with other shopping sites below, TipTop Shopping is far richer, offering an incredibly unique  experience in terms of comparison shopping across products, user-generated review analysis and product ratings, and real-time search, discovery and social interaction.

Click to view a larger image of Buzzillions comparison shopping results. Click to view a larger image of Amazon's shopping results. Click to view a larger image of's shopping results.

TipTop Shopping easily helps you to choose the best products for yourself and those on
your holiday gift list using search, semantics and the social web.

Happy Holidays!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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