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Tweeting to Victory, Crowdsourcing to Predict the 82nd Academy Award Oscar Winners


TipTop's 82nd Academy Awards: Oscar Nominations Who will win an Academy Award this year? Which films will make the cut by the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences

TipTop's 82nd Academy Awards: 2010 Oscars coverage offers fun perspectives & insights into Oscar predictions & Academy Award winners. TipTop Technologies harnesses the power of your tweets to extract the best daily Tips, highlight Top sites on the Web & show sentiment trend Tip & piT Leaderboards around the Oscar nominees & Academy Award nominations. Maybe 2010 is the year that TipTop's semantic analytics will indeed pick the 82nd Academy Award winners through crowd-sourcing tweets.  Bestpicture_leaderboard

  1. Tweet about your favorite nominations & awards picks, check out the daily leader-board winners & see social media Tip summaries for each nominee.Director_toptips
  2. Check back Sunday, March 7th (5pm PST) after the red carpet show to see the final Leaderboard results & the accuracy of TipTop's Oscar predictions

Nomninee_searchFor the 82nd Academy Awards, TipTop's 2010 Oscar Picks are:

Stay tuned for more about our predictions from tweet crowdsourcing, sentiment analysis & TipTop analytics!


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