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Corporate Sentiment, Company Stock Tickers & Social Media Converge in TipTop Finance

TipTop Logo Recently launched TipTop
lets you explore who is bullish, bearish or neutral & why for the financial markets and any publicly traded company. Our new site integrates quarterly corporate earnings calendars, daily company reporting lists & finance-specific social media search results. TipTop
is the only place you can get pre-call and post earnings public company sentiment trends year round with social search results specific to the financial industry. As noted in a previous blog post, "TipTop's
sentiment analysis of real-time tweets is a leading indicator, often
predicting correctly the rise and fall in sentiment around topics
such as
President Obama
approval ratings
when measured in more traditional
ways." (Read more from
"TipTop's Presidential Ratings, Social Sentiment & Financial Indicators").

From the TipTop
hub page users can:
 'TipTop Finance - Corporate Sentiment & Ticker Trends'

  • Use the Quarterly Earnings Calendar to select specific dates for company earnings reports, view reporting company's sentiment trend charts, and click a company's ticker symbol to see TipTop finance search results.

  • The TipTop Finance search
    pages works the same as the regular TipTop search results, only now there is the ability to toggle between regular social search
    results and finance specific content.

TipTop now allows users to seamlessly move back and forth between finance-specific search and regular TipTop social search results pages for any query. Users can turn on & off the finance filter for their query simply by clicking the "TipTop
" button top right of the search results page title. Compare the results below for "Wal-Mart", where you have the same TipTop layout & functionality in addition to content specific to finance.

Wal-Mart OR $WMT Finance Filter OffWal-Mart OR $WMT Filter Finance On  

May your blue-chips be rising, technology stars be shining & hyperbolic stocks be shorted;)

Off the TipTop charts,

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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