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Organizing Social Search & Matching Tips with My TipTop

TipTop, The Insight Engine Our previous blog post presented an outline of the bookmarking & social matching features and
capabilities of our query personalization tool My TipTop. The
significance of users' being able to save relevant answers to their
questions (as well as the questions themselves, so that new matching
answers can be easily found) was not lost on Zaino whose article looks
at search in the Question & Answer sense as a shared community experience:

"The idea behind My TipTop is that users can match
top-of-mind queries at with snippets from others – Tips (positive comments),
piTs (caveat emptor-type stuff) or Neither (neutral) – in a “call and
response” fashion, and then share these as selected searches, as
selected tips and piTs via email, or to match people's tips and tops
through Twitter."

In this post, we show you a real example of how I used "My TipTop" to find the perfect baby
for our little girl. In this case, My TipTop was primarily used as a workspace to save tweets & queries from multiple TipTop search results pages. Positive (Tip) & negative (piT) product review tweets were saved about specific strollers queried. Neutral tweets were saved containing links to "how to choose" a baby stroller for example. Product queries like "instep jogging" were also saved to compare consumer sentiment ratings across brands. Tip: Look for the "Add to My TipTop" icon
MyTipTop to store specific tweets or the query itself to My TipTop when using TipTop search.

While using "My TipTop" for finding which baby stroller was most
compatible with our active lifestyle, baby's needs and family budget I was able

  1. compile a lot of real-time product reviews from a multiple search
    results pages,
  2. identify specific strollers, search TipTop and save the queries as 
    topics to compare ratings, get related concepts & the latest tweets,
  3. complete the circle by helping others by sharing my findings &
    matching one person's Tip to another's Top.


Once all the legwork was done searching on TipTop, adding items to My TipTop, and comparing results the stroller solution presented itself: Jeep Sport, Contours Stroller or the Instep Stroller. Although not yet integrated with My TipTop, TipTop Shopping's unique product review summaries & rating scores helped me finalize a purchasing decision by comparing these strollers across quality, price & safety ratings.

It is, of course, TipTop's semantic technology that makes it possible
for individual consumers to mine the community's knowledge (and
willingness to share it) in a useful as well as timely manner, like
when a particular question for which others may have useful tips is
top-most in their mind. Making the deluge of unstructured data, like real-time tweets,
meaningful to individuals is what TipTop's Insight Engine is all about. The article "Opinion gathering: making sense of unstructured data",
illustrates the current search dilemma:

of a few random web pages with some
information on the product embedded in them, we prefer the output to be
packed with purchase advices from customer reviews. This will enable us
to leverage on the experience of the people who
bought this product in the past. So, we need a search service that
understands the semantics of a web page- not the one that simply churns
out a set of web page links." J. Murali, The Hindu

Life happens real-time & TipTop's results intrinsically reflect that
dynamic nature. TipTop's semantic sauce takes care of finding the best
Tips around any current topic or "Top" people enter into the Insight
Engine. Two additional components for finding the best Tips for what is
on the Top of your mind are being able to bookmark searches (Tops) &
snippets (Tips) and the ability to match one person's Tip with
another's Top. This is where the My TipTop tool helps you organize your
real-time search experience through the ability to add snippets of
information (tweets), tagged to search topics, into My TipTop.

Using the
My TipTop tool allows users to easily store and compare similar or
disparate real-time tweet content by sentiment type, search topics &
time in the "Selected Tips & piTs" section. Your searches (Tops)
can also be saved, compared, results updated & related topics
displayed in My TipTop's "Selected Queries" section as well. In addition
you can take action on your research & help others by matching
their questions (Tops) with answers (Tips) you have found in the "Tips
& Tops for Matching" section.

The My TipTop tool & interface was created as a first step in
alleviating the frustration of not being able to capture, compare &
match dynamically changing real-time content. Please send us your feedback so we can improve "My TipTop" and stay tuned in for many more enhancements & functionality to make your & others' life experiences more TipTop.

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team – because life happens in real


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Its Simple, Shop with “My TipTop Space” to Compare Products & Make Great Decisions

TipTop Shopping TipTop, the Insight Engine, now offers a brand-new way for consumers to comparison shop & make purchasing decisions online or in-store. TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social
search engine
continues to analyze user-generated product reviews from and provide
TipTop product ratings & percentile scores exclusively from these
reviews across a variety of attributes
(Read more…). Shopping Razor Products

TipTop's shopping experience goes way beyond just comparing product prices like other comparison shopping sites. Now with TipTop Shopping, all experiences lead to "My TipTop Space" to help you quickly decide what products or gifts will meet your needs! For example, search for a Personal Care product like "razor" and quickly review the short product summary results. Click "Add to My Space" all the items on the page you wish to compare in greater detail. You can then, continue clicking through additional product result pages, enter another product search, or click "Go to My Space" to start comparing items with TipTop's unique product rating scores & sort items across a variety of product attributes like Quality, Value & Features in addition to Price.

My TipTop Space With "My TipTop Space" you can:

  • Quickly compare multiple products, ratings & prices before you buy.
  • Easily organize your shopping list in one place & make informed decisions.
  • Get relevant product reviews & real-time tips from real consumers all on one page.

Enjoy using the new "My TipTop Space" for making quick & easy online comparison shopping decisions and buying the best products for your needs with's selection of books, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry,  beauty & personal care, gourmet food & just about anything else. 

At TipTop Technologies, we use
natural language analysis and sentiment extraction so that we can truly build the future of search & the semantic Web.  For feedback or inquiries please contact us.


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