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Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

Charlie Sheen Brands @charliesheen, Gets Social Media Celebrity Status as a TipTop Trend

TipTop Technologies’ ongoing analysis of tweets about “Charlie Sheen” and from:CharlieSheen through his newly @charliesheen Twitter account, is uncovering some interesting semantic trends. At over 2.2 million followers on March 8th, Sheen has accrued a lot of social media capital in a Guinness Book of Records amount of time. TipTop can’t tell you how much this socially networked online persona is worth, but you can use TipTop’s social search & conversation engine for brand management analysis and to peruse “TipTop Trends in Social Media: Charlie Sheen Coverage” to get the latest insights, tips or trends over time for this “#winning” celebrity.Charlie Sheen Social Media Sentiment Trends Charlie Sheen Topics on Twitter

As you can see from the trend chart above, as of today, negative sentiment has overtaken the overall positive sentiment trends related to Charlie Sheen. Maybe this is why Sheen is looking to hire a social media intern to manage his twitter account. In anycase, you can see how TipTop organizes Tips, displays trends & identifies hot topics by checking out CharlieSheen’s TipTop profile & search results pages below.

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile

Charlie Sheen's Social Media Profile on TipTop

Tweets from Charlie Sheen

Tips & Trends for Charlie Sheen on TipTop

Your call…fried celebrity, celebrity genius or social media guru? Stay trendy on TipTop & share your tips!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop’s Presidential Ratings, Social Sentiment & Financial Indicators

sentiment analysis of real-time tweets is a leading indicator, often
predicting correctly the rise and fall in sentiment around topics
such as President Obama approval ratings when measured in more traditional
ways. See our earlier blog
post, President
Obama's Ratings via Social Media Sentiment Trends

this blog post, we show some striking correlations

by comparing
side-by-side, TipTop's satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratings with
those of
from November 2009 (when we started collecting data for analysis)
till now.

  • The
    Gallup ratings and
    TipTop's semantic analysis of social media data have parallel
    results, both long term trends and daily spikes within a 3% margin
    for error. For example, why did both TipTop Sentiment and Gallup
    Poll ratings all spike positively on December 16, 2009? This was the
    date on which President Obama delivered his Nobel Prize Acceptance

  • TipTop's
    daily satisfaction dissatisfaction ratings tend to rise or fall 0-3
    days before traditional polling results spike. For example, on Jan
    28th there was a positive spike for the President's State of the
    Union Address which was reflected only a few days later in the
    Gallup ratings.

  • We
    note with
    surprise that TipTop’s presidential sentiment analysis can be
    predictive of stock market movements in the short term.
    spike of 5% or more in the daily TipTop satisfaction score (such as
    those on Nov 3, Nov 8, Dec 10, Jan 28 and Feb 6) is followed within
    a couple of days by a rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 2%
    or more.

early findings suggest that perhaps earlier studies on whether
Presidential ratings lead the stock market have been too quick to
dismiss the possibility. (See for example, the April 2006 article in
Economic Indicator: Presidential Approval Ratings
that concludes that “
takes a while for bad economic news to filter into polling data…[and
by] the time poor approval ratings measure this economic pessimism,
much of the bad news has already been priced into stocks.” A
timely, accurate and automated polling technology like TipTop’s has
the potential to uncove
r surprising insights into the psychology of
the markets.

analysis of real-time social media as a predictive indicator is an
active area of research at TipTop Technologies, and we look forward to presenting
more insights 
into the relationship of sentiment trends and financial
markets, shopping patterns, election results and predictions for the
2010 Academy Award Winners
(like Sentiment Trends for President Obama). Stay tuned.


& the


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President Obama’s Ratings via Social Media Sentiment Trends

Tiptop_logo President Obama's first year in the White House has been captured in many ways across social media. For example, I picked up a tweet from:civics4slackers with a pictorial year in review Tip, The First Year by Pete Souza TipTop Technologies also compiled a visual perspective, capturing millions of "Obama" Tip & piT rated tweets over the last few months continuing through the President's State of the Union address. Obama_satisfaction_trends
TipTop's Sentiment Trends for President Obama interactive time-line chart not only exposes the overall positive (Tip) and negative (piT) trends, it also displays the top Tip tweets, piT tweets, and Web pages which reflect the sentiment & news on any particular day. You can move the date-line slider below the trend chart to see the Tips, piTs and Web pages for any day to gain insights into why the sentiment gap is the way it is. For example, looking at November 6th (Health Care Reform Bill), Decemer 10th (Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance), & January 28th (State of the Union Address) you can see spikes in both the positive and negative sentiment around President ObamaIn
addition, top related concepts are extracted for each day of the trend
data, allowing you to search for corresponding news stories.

The overall "Obama" ratings found in the Sentiment Trends for President Obama chart  show how TipTop's semantic analysis of social media text messages are, in this case, much in-line with traditional polling results. Washington News Obama PollDemocracy Corps PostPre SpeechFor example, pre State of the Union address, the Washington Post News Poll shows approval for President Obama waning and disapproval slowly increasing, similar to TipTop's results above. In the Democracy Corps article, pre and post State of the Union speech polling results for the President show a positive jump of 16 points. TipTop's results show high negative ratings before the speech with a sharp drop-off of negative tweets post speech. Positive Tip tweets spiked quickly after the speech, but over the past week have decreased.  Beyond the ability to gain insights into these Sentiment Trends for President Obama, TipTop's semantic trend analysis and summary results creates many opportunites:

  • Comparatively, TipTop's semantic trend analysis is low cost, automated,
    and more reflective of the general population while providing accurate
    polling through social media.
  • We offer the ability to get overall sentiment results as well as high quality accurate summary examples from any social or political angle through
    well chosen keyword searches. 
  • You can easily find out what the exact reason is behind the numbers and you can find opinions at finer levels of granularity than any
    traditional polling technique could ever uncover.
  • Questions relevant to
    a topic are also learned from the data so that there is no need to ask
    a rigid set of questions at the start of a poll. The responses that are measured are spontaneous utterances of the wider
    population.  They are not influenced in any way such as in the case of
    an artificial setup of a poll.

TipTop's polling methodology and approach is vastly superior to all
existing methods. It is cheaper, faster, more comprehensive and more
accurate. What else could anyone want? If you are ready to embrace the
new world of possibilities we have opened up for you, please contact us.

Google Trends Obama Looking at Google Insights for "Obama" chart, you get trends over time associated with volume of searches. In contrast, with TipTop Technologies's sentiment trend analysis you can also find the "why" around the "now". Its as easy as moving the date-line slider on the Sentiment Trends for President Obama chart or by using TipTop Search every day to get great insights from what people are saying and make relevant discoveries from what they post.

Overflowing with positive sentiment,

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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Managing Corporate Personas, Product Branding & Market Trends in Social Media

TipTop Logo Businesses are using social media tactics to varying degrees of success according to the B2C vs. B2B research results from MarketingProfs Research:Twitter Tactics That WorkedAlso, many of  Loic Le Meur's (Seesmic CEO) predictions like "Corporations will have entire teams devoted to Twitter and status updates" are already taking form. New roles and additional responsibilities are being created throughout organizations to include both employees and customers in social media engagement beyond just a 'community mangager' position as highlighted well in Amber Naslund's recent article.  According to theNEXTWEB, Starbucks has a very strong social media strategy which offers a great way to illustrate how TipTop is being used today to help small and large companies:

Starbucks Usecase1. One way to influence how others see your company's product, service or brand in TipTop search results is to Re-Tip, Retweet or Reply to people's 'Tip tweets' or 'piT tweets'.

2. People supportive of you are then featured as Top People on Twitter indicating that they are experts, influencers or actively engaged with your product, service or brand on Twitter. You can energize these people some more by using the Tip off feature in TipTop.

3. Quickly identify PR problems and opportunities using TipTop's Sentiment Trends chart or reviewing links from Top Pages on the Web. After reviewing the trend chart,
move the slider to get the search results from the corresponding period of time.  You can then Filter Tips by specific topics and see Tip tweets and piT tweets and the people associated with the observed shift in sentiment or buzz. You can do this for your own brand and product as well as of those of your competitors.

Large and small companies find it easy to use TipTop to conduct product, brand, and benchmarking research through:

For some more research ideas, you can also read a recent post on GrowMap's blog, "How to Use TipTop for Real-Time Market Research".

In this new year, companies big and small need to be proactive in managing their online personas, marketing campaigns and product sentiment on social media platforms like TipTop. We are here to help you and your business achieve great success this year.  Now that you are aware of the rich possibilities, we hope to see your corporate presence emerge stronger on TipTop profile pages like the one for Starbucks which are viewed by tens of thousands of our users each month.

What also makes TipTop unique is that our solution and platform is made available to everyone in the world free of charge.  Many businesses today spend large amounts of money on comparable services that appear to offer much less than what we offer for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can also tell you about our premier solutions which can be made available to you for a charge.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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A New Breed of Internet Service called TipTop is Available From: Life To: Life

TipTop Logo

From: Life To: Life

Sunnyvale, CA, June 9, 2009 – TipTop Technologies, Inc., a startup internet technology company based in Silicon Valley, announces the release of an early-stage product for semantic analysis of natural language which looks at data as a source of tips that help people solve problems. TipTopSM is creating an engine of Tips and Tops surrounding all of our experiences — a wikipedia of expressions. The product will open up the social silos of our individual and collective experience so that one person’s Top will be another’s Tip. TipTopSM is harnessing those expressions of experience to help us all make more informed decisions and have choice experiences to share with others. TipTop Technologies’s products are todays solutions for enabling incremental learning and unleashing the power of unique individual and aggregate group experience into the future. The core product is built upon natural language search algorithms focused on providing answers to questions formulated around sentiment, emotions, and opinions.

Users should view TipTopSM as a unique search product that will expand and develop as the technology, marketplace, and user base evolves and contributes to the underlying semantic search technology developed by our team” says TipTop Technologies, Inc. founder, Shyam Kapur. “Currently the product showcases just a small part of the search and community product functionality which will become more social, more personalized and more intelligent as product features are developed and expanded across technology platforms, social networks, and vertical product markets.”

Current product features to help navigate around your world include:

  • Using real time natural language search result content capturing opinion, emotion, and sentiment to guide decision making.

  • Deep exploration of text message content filtered by advanced algorithms, concept clouds, and contextualized categories.

  • Sharing discoveries across social networks.

  • Discovering how you, your followers, events, organizations, or products and services are expressed and discussed across an infinite number of criteria.

  • Discovering automatically generated search trends and editorially chosen searches to try.

  • Get the latest news and and most relevant content immediately.

TipTopSM is not a replacement for existing search engines, but will work across networks and platforms, regardless of the data source, to help users efficiently make informed decisions and quickly act upon them. Tips are discovered by searching for them, of course, but it is not necessary to index the entire Web. The TipTopSM engine finds many useful tips in conversational data, and a tool for exploring such information can complement the tools currently available for searching the Web. As true semantic technologies are not error free at first, TipTopSM is looking forward to the search community’s feedback. TipTopSM hopes you will discover useful and relevant Tips for your Tops every time you visit, and that you have fun exploring our site at — in short, we hope the experience leaves you feeling tip top!

If you have a chance check out the TipTop video demonstration.

About TipTop Technologies:

Established in 2008, TipTop Technologies, Inc. is a startup internet technology company focused on delivering cutting-edge technology-driven solutions to some of the most challenging problems humans face in the 21st century . TipTop Technologies’s mission is helping people in their personal and professional lives to make informed decisions, have choice experiences, and create greater efficiencies through streamlined interactions. Its solution involves proprietary techniques for the collection and aggregation of all data related to life experiences. TipTop Technologies, Inc. has developed unique analytical algorithms that work very well on a vast variety of data. Exposure of the resulting knowledge is enabled through a number of powerful and engaging user interfaces. To learn more about TipTop Technologies, Inc. and our products, please check the company’s blog, become a fan on Facebook, and follow twittiptop on Twitter,

Media Contact:

Shyam Kapur


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