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Its Simple, Shop with “My TipTop Space” to Compare Products & Make Great Decisions

TipTop Shopping TipTop, the Insight Engine, now offers a brand-new way for consumers to comparison shop & make purchasing decisions online or in-store. TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social
search engine
continues to analyze user-generated product reviews from and provide
TipTop product ratings & percentile scores exclusively from these
reviews across a variety of attributes
(Read more…). Shopping Razor Products

TipTop's shopping experience goes way beyond just comparing product prices like other comparison shopping sites. Now with TipTop Shopping, all experiences lead to "My TipTop Space" to help you quickly decide what products or gifts will meet your needs! For example, search for a Personal Care product like "razor" and quickly review the short product summary results. Click "Add to My Space" all the items on the page you wish to compare in greater detail. You can then, continue clicking through additional product result pages, enter another product search, or click "Go to My Space" to start comparing items with TipTop's unique product rating scores & sort items across a variety of product attributes like Quality, Value & Features in addition to Price.

My TipTop Space With "My TipTop Space" you can:

  • Quickly compare multiple products, ratings & prices before you buy.
  • Easily organize your shopping list in one place & make informed decisions.
  • Get relevant product reviews & real-time tips from real consumers all on one page.

Enjoy using the new "My TipTop Space" for making quick & easy online comparison shopping decisions and buying the best products for your needs with's selection of books, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry,  beauty & personal care, gourmet food & just about anything else. 

At TipTop Technologies, we use
natural language analysis and sentiment extraction so that we can truly build the future of search & the semantic Web.  For feedback or inquiries please contact us.


& the


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2010 Super Bowl XLIV Commercials: TipTop’s SB44 Ad Ratings

TipTop's 2010 Super Bowl Ad RatingsTipTop Technologies analyzed the real-time social media sentiment from tweets related to over forty top brands or products which bought advertising spots on CBS's Sunday's Super Bowl 44 broadcast of the NFL Playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. On most Super Bowl Commercial ratings sites you will see polling results or an editor's picks for the best ads and the worst commercials, like in TIME Magazine's 2010 Super Bowl Commercials ListTwittertweetvolumeThere are also Super Bowl search metrics which show search volume and even real-time tweets during the game as shown on Twitter's blog post. TipTop agrees with the article's author, @kevinweil that "The convergence of sports, brands, and culture around the Super Bowl
makes for a particularly fascinating set of tweets to follow."
That is why TipTop has taken a similar set of tweet data, analyzed it before and after Super Bowl XLIV aired, and brought together the positive and negative sentiment ratings and best tweets directly related to the companies, products and brands which had aired commercials during the big game.

Google's Post Game SentimentLooking at the TipTop summary results and Sentiment Trends chart for Google's Parisian Love Ad there was a clear increase in both Positive Tip (Green) & Negative piT (Red) sentiment related to Google's brand after the 2010 Super Bowl Commercial was run.

Some brand & product examples from TipTop's 2010 Super Bowl Ad Ratings Pre & Post Super Bowl sentiment analysis list include:   

TipTop's SB44 Ad Ratings SampleTo fully understand the implications of TipTop's semantic technology and linguistic analysis, read David Stodders, article "How Text Analytics Drive Customer Insight".  TipTop's results quickly capture and accurately assess
what is being said and felt around any topic as expressed in social
networks.  It can then summarize the sentiment around an event before,
after or real-time using trend charts and comparison ratings. Finally
TipTop results can provide specific examples which can be used to understand
the reasons why brand sentiment or product opinions have changed over

What also makes TipTop
unique is that our solution and platform is made available to everyone
in the world free of charge.  Many businesses today spend large amounts
of money on comparable services that appear to offer much less than
what we offer for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can also tell you about our premier solutions which can be made available to you for a charge.

Enjoy and have a tip top week!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Holiday Gift Shopping: Product Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

TipTop Logo TipTop's one-of-a-kind comparison shopping site is ready for your holiday gift purchases. TipTop Shopping takes the bite out of your buying time online!

Do you have time to read 10’s or 100’s of product reviews to make your gift buying decisions this holiday season?
TipTop analyzes the text of product reviews and computes scores for
several attributes including overall quality, safety, value for money, etc. It also displays the best reviews and extracts the
most relevant portions of the review to help you make informed
purchasing decisions quickly.

Why use TipTop Shopping? Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Product Search Results page.

  • It is the only shopping site where shoppers can search millions of products from, browse through the most relevant matches to view TipTop's product ratings, see user reviews grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, and have the options to easily  compare up to 10 products, add items to your cart or buy directly from
  • TipTop's one-of-a-kind semantic social search engine
    analyzes user-generated product reviews from and provides
    TipTop product ratings and  percentile scores exclusively from these reviews across a variety of attributes, such as
    Overall  Quality, Safety, Features, Value for Money and Price. Compare up to ten products, sort across the attributes that are important to you, and click the percentile scores to see the product reviews below.

Click to view a larger image of TipTop's Checkout Cart

  • For the first time, real-time
    opinions about the products are also incorporated into the shopping
    experience through TipTop Search widgets. The widget includes: Pie charts displaying the
    overall sentiment related to the keyword search, the latest Tip and piT tweets related to the product, and the topical buzz   associated with the search results. Click the links to see TipTop search results. Click Reply or Re-Tip to communicate with Twitter users via Tip Top Search. And, don't for get to add your product selections to your cart and checkout on

Compared with other shopping sites below, TipTop Shopping is far richer, offering an incredibly unique  experience in terms of comparison shopping across products, user-generated review analysis and product ratings, and real-time search, discovery and social interaction.

Click to view a larger image of Buzzillions comparison shopping results. Click to view a larger image of Amazon's shopping results. Click to view a larger image of's shopping results.

TipTop Shopping easily helps you to choose the best products for yourself and those on
your holiday gift list using search, semantics and the social web.

Happy Holidays!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Search Selected as a Top 100 Search Engine

TipTop_Logo This week TipTop was featured by the search engine industry expert Charles
of in his “100 Search Engines In 100
Minutes” presentation given on Wednesday, November 18th at the Web
2.0 Expo
held in New York.

Charles Knight writes on his site's
blog, “AltSearchEngines launched with a base of 1,000 search
engines and has published almost 4,000 posts since then! (3,892 to be
exact.) Come and see the 100 most creative and innovative search
engines in the world in this rapid fire presentation.” Read more…

Shyam Kapur, President & CEO of
TipTop Technologies, says “We are thrilled about this recognition
within months of launching TipTop Search. It is a great privilege to
be selected from among thousands of search engines and placed
alongside some of the most popular ones in Mr. Knight's presentation.
We have made it to this elite list after having spent in total less
than 1% of the money already spent by some of these other search
engines in their entire lifetime. It truly is a humbling experience.”

A complete list of search engines from
the “100 Search Engines In 100 Minutes” presentation at the Web
2.0 Expo can be found here at Read the full press release…

We at TipTop are grateful for everyone's support. Ontheweb You can help promote this great news on Yahoo! by Buzzing the story at or on Digg at If you use Facebook, click to become a TipTop fan to easily get TipTop product updates and news. 

Try TipTop Search now to check out the new "On the Web" feature, which highlights the top Websites twitter users are posting about what you are looking for. In this example you can see how TopTop search results can help you prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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Experience the best of TipTop Search with Twitter

TipTop_Logo Using TipTop Search while logged into your Join twitter twitter account gives you the best real-time search and social networking experience available. Having a twitter ID allows you complete access to the twitter micro-blogging publishing and communication platform. Its easy to sign up for a twitter account by clicking the image here.  

You can then use TipTop Search without having learn all the twitiquette like finding the right people to follow, getting followed by the wrong people, following tired tweetless tweeps, dealing with spam, building twitter lists, and wading through the information overload of tweets. Familiarizing yourself with TipTop's advanced semantic search results, filtering tools and Web content extraction features you will be able to get the most out of real-time information publishing and dynamic social networksTiptop twitter Using TipTop's communication tools like Re-Tip, Retweet, Reply, and Sharing  you can express yourself and share content easily on twitter. Think of TipTop as the best platform for getting what you need, when you need it while choosing who and how to engage with others. TwitTipTop We encourage you to experiment for yourself to get the best experience and results with TipTop and twitter working in concert. Have fun, like entering your twitter ID as search in TipTop, like TwitTipTop

TipTop's recently redesigned search results pages integrate tweets, social networking, communication features, related web links and semantic analysis with real-rime search. Join twitter and use TipTop Search to help get what you need.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Search Gets a New Real-Time Look (Please Re-Tip or ReTweet:)

TipTop Logo Woohoo! New and improved TipTop search results are ready for you! As the impostors take off their Halloween costumes and reveal their true nature, TipTop Search is helping to fashion the upcoming holidays. Make sure you come to to try out TipTop's new search interface, where the same high quality semantic search results are displayed in an easier layout with better functionality. Below is a glimpse of TipTop's true power revealed for you to discover with each and every search you create.

  • Real-time search functionality: The Search TimelineSearchTimeline
    was introduced to enable users to view the search results set over time, that is "Days earlier", "Just Prior", "Current", and "Latest". Current is the default setting after the search results are displayed. Latest, will blink in red when a user should move the button to see the most recent results. Current and Just Prior allow users to go back in time, the period of which is dependent on the availability of matching tweets.

  • Sentiment-based search result sets: Messages or tweets are analyzed and displayed as pro, con or neutral messages grouped into three scrollable modules called Tips, piTs & Remaining Messages. All the existing social search message features and tools are still working great in this new interface. Try and Re-Tip a message for yourself (it is so much cooler than Retweeting:) or read TipTop Search FAQs for more details.
  • Mobile phone features and tools: The new TipTop search user interface is more compatible with smart phones, so basic site functionality is now available. Also, make sure you try out TipTop via SMS, a quick way to get Related Content Module TipTop's sentiment-based search results through your cell phone. Just dial DOTCOM and enter feeltiptop "search term" get real-time results. See TipTop FAQs for more details.
  • Related Content: This module highlights additional contextually relevant content analyzed by TipTop, to extract deeper value from the search results sets through sentiment and trend analysis, links to related content on the Web, and advanced search options. Current Related Content features the Search Timeline, the Tip piT Sentiment Pie Chart, On the Web links, and advanced search options. Also, if you are interested in adding related content to your website or blog, TipTop Widgets are available in three flavors, just click EmbedWidget to customize.

  • Search functionality: Search filters To get a feel for different ways to search TipTop,  check out the "Pick one, Pick Another" cool searches option under the search box. Users can also Filter Results by concepts within the search results set and by categories associated with the search term. Advanced Search operators will also kick in after a user has chosen to "Filter
    Results by" and will be included in
    TipTop's next update this week. Check out TipTop's FAQs for more details.

Have a TipTop week and please send us your feedback or add a comment below!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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