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November 2010 Election Countdown: Daily Trends, Candidate Tips & the Straw Poll

TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special gives voters a quick interactive snapshot of daily election topics and allows folks to delve into the campaign issues & policy debates going on in social media that are important to them. For fun, voters can also take a straw poll to see which political parties & candidates they swing towards for this November’s Gubernatorial, Senate & House elections.

Democratic & Republican, Tea Party & Independent voters’ top issues this election vary and how these differences will play out on Tuesday, November 2 will most likely depend on the weather. But seriously, peoples’ opinions about the direction of the US economy, healthcare,
government spending, immigration, or energy & the environmnent will all influence voter enthusiasm for the 2010 elections. The only place you can really see what is going inside voters’ heads (and your own:) is through TipTop’s 2010 Midterm Election Special. TipTop extracts the top campaign issues, about what people are really talking about, which will allow you to hear over the noisy extremists, call out the political centrists, and listen too the sideliners.

Once you are finished perusing the pundits & sharing your opinions on TipTop, don’t forget to go to the “Vote Prediction” page to see how you swing & get the latest overall results for TipTop’s Midterm Election Straw Poll. Below are some of key races for this years elections with today’s snapshot of TipTop sentiment scores & social media buzz topics. Click a candidate’s names to go to TipTop results page.


jerry brown







Social Media Trending Topics 

california, ca, poll, campaign, box, women, office

meg whitman 30% 12% california, republican, porto, campaign, housekeeper, glendale, ebay
Rodney Glassman 27% 2%
John McCain 16% 22%
Terry Goddard 15% 7% terror, arizona, home, democrat, office, endorsement, investment fraud indictment
Jan Brewer 20% 22% arizona, phoenix, obama, prison, law, man, story
Barbara Boxer 16% 16% box, poll, california, democrat, senate, sacramento, republican
Carly Fiorina 21% 9% california, box, senate, campaign, news, candidate, hospital
Harry Reid 16% 20% senate, nevada, leader, election, poll, party, democrat
Sharron Angle 25% 29% nevada, ad, party, tea, senator, senate, candidate
Kendrick Meek 18% 18% senate, florida, democrat, candidate, demo, rep, bill clinton
Marco Rubio 23% 15% rubio, florida, senate, party, tea, candidate, republican
Charlie Crist 16% 20% senate, florida, clinton, politics, demo, bill clinton, rubio
Democrat 35% 29% candidate senate party tea republican bill clinton
Tea Party 25% 23% candidate video halloween party senate republican
Andrew Cuomo 28% 9% new york city, new york, car, democrat, candidate, campaign, muscle
Carl Paladino 18% 15% candidate, campaign, new york city, republican, home, girl, new york

Remember Midterm Election trending topics update daily so please return to TipTop’s 2010 Election Special for a daily update until November 2nd. Don’t forget to find your polling place and vote.

Have a Happy Halloween & embrace the voting booth!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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Weekend Movies: Which new release film deserves your time or dime?

See what’s hot or not for October 1st openings at theaters this weekend on TipTop! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are in the same predicament as @MaddyTweetz, do yourself a favor and use TipTop to help you figure it all out.

MaddyDebating what movie to catch tonight: The Town, Social Network or Let me In. Thoughts??
The movie grid below is a quick and easy way to compare topics across aggregated sentiment scores, browse current buzz topics & see current tips from social media. To create a similar comparison grid for yourself on TipTop simply go to
  1. Enter a movie (or any topic) in the search box and save your query to “My TipTop” (To learn more read our previous My TipTop blog post)
  2. Go to “My TipTop” & comare the Selected Queries across positive & negative Tip sentiment, see movie related conversation topics, and get real-time Tips.
  3. Click “E-mail” & share your movie grid with friends.


New Movies (Click for Current Tips) 🙂 Tips 😦 Tips Conversation Buzz Topics
The Social Network 41% 6% social network, movie, facebook, film, story, ticket, life, wonder, seeing, tomatoes, album, world, walls
“Let Me In” 44% 8% movie, social network, film, horror, never let me go, theatre, scene, man, kid, actor, star, guy
“The Town” 37% 9% town, movie, social network, girl, work, painting, mall, seeing, car, hotel, eat
Freakonomics 29% 2% movie, film, book, social network, documentary, author, man, fan, talk
Ip Man OR Yip Man 20% 8% man, movie, film, legend, social network, hahaha, sama, hahahaha
Barry Munday 19% 60% movie, bar, greedy, wilson, film, hilarious, performance, man, info, director, ball, talk, role, atlantis
Anjaana Anjaani 44% 14% movie, film, song, star, stars, theatre, luv, story, bollywood, ticket, hair, c, work, india, p
    Gregomyleggo_TwitterPhoto Below are some of the social media Tips “I liked” & saved in “My TipTop” while checking out what people were “going to see” this weekend.


    Again, from My TipTop @TwitTipTop can send you or your friends an E-mail like this:
    “Hello, these are the snippets you have saved in My TipTop.”
    Image Twitter Id Topic Snippet
    _socialmedianow The Social Network The 10 most Glaring Lies in ‘The Social Network‘ : #thesocialnetwork
    bloodboyhorror “Let Me In” Horror-drama ‘Let Me In’ does its Swedish inspiration original justice: When Overture Films announced it would mak…
    mting Ip Man OR Yip Man Loving the Ip Man 2 soundtrack. More variations than the previous film. A recommendation if u love Oriental film scores #ipman2 #soundtrack
    workingauthor Barry Munday Barry Munday‘ starring Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Malcolm McDowell and more reviewed!
    trabajareuropa Freakonomics @MakingOf: Freakonmics is now in theaters! Hear @MorganSpurlock discuss the film and more @MakingOf”
    nikkyraney “The Town” My movie review for THE TOWN —> Blake Lively owns ‘The Town’ By Nikky Raney –
    kapylr Anjaana Anjaani Enjoyed watching Anjaana Anjaani. Great performances by @priyankachopra and @ranbir_kapoor

    Remember to come back to TipTop to guide your film viewing & DVD movie rental decisions or help whenever you are looking for insights around any topic — locally or globally. Enjoy!

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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    Weekend Movie Reviews: New Releases

    See What’s Hot & What’s Not at theaters this weekend! Do you need some help deciding which movie to see this weekend on the big screen? Are you trying to figure out whether or not a new release film is movie theatre or DVD worthy? Or if you are at the same predicament as Roger, do yourself a favor and use TipTop help you figure it all out.

    RogerDeRok tweets: “Debating whether to take Luisa to see Legend Of The Guardians this weekend or wait until it hits the 2nd run theaters to avoid wallet rape.”

    This is what people are saying about this weekends new releases. Click the links to see the magic of TipTop 😉

    Query Tips% Pits% Concepts
    “the social network”
    I logged into facebook after having seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK. I FEEL SO SOULLESS AND LONELY (@ Barnes & Noble)
    32% 9% social network, movie, facebook, newark, school, seeing, screening, work, premiere, soundtrack, catfish
    “100 Voices”
    Just saw “100 Voices: A Journey Home”-inspired, emotional, historic, educational & the cantors were outstanding!
    30% 4% home, movie, film, music, poland, documentary, song, event, gold, history, ticket
    Tibet in Song


    Opening in #NYC on Friday-“Tibet in Song” by former Political Prisoner Ngawang Choephel. Great review here:

    #tibet #fb

    18% 2% song, new york city, film, cinema, documentary, premiere, magazine
    movie “Wall Street”
    Thoughtful, well written review. Good movie writing. NYT: Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” Sequel –
    51% 9% street, walls, film, greedy, bank, system, wall street journal, business, work, the wall
    Waiting for Superman
    Waiting for Superman: Andy- some students charming. Tries to give us hope, but this could have been PBS #filmweek
    21% 9% education, movie, documentary, school, system, film, theater, teacher, video, walls, street, new york city, student, american
    Anjaana Anjaani

    Anjaana Anjaani Release Date Delayed New Release Date 1st October –
    32% 14% song, movie, film, ayodhya, video, bollywood, pic, guy, fan, tween, hp
    movie Howl
    enjoyed the movie Howl. I have a new appreciation for allen Ginsberg’s work and the literary heritage of SF. James Franco was great.
    43% 4% allen, poem, story, book, poetry, talk, opening, theater, dinner
    Enter the Void
    Death Is A trip In Enter The Void
    37% 7% film, gaspar, movie, town, trip, cinema, theater, united kingdom, director, new york city, seeing, fan, folks
    Legend of the Guardians
    Without a doubt, Zack Snyder’s BEST movie to date. Absolutely INCREDIBLE and, at times, BREATHTAKING.
    38% 10% legend, movie, walls, street, kid, theater, theatre, game, talking, ako, film, partner
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    Organizing Social Search & Matching Tips with My TipTop

    TipTop, The Insight Engine Our previous blog post presented an outline of the bookmarking & social matching features and
    capabilities of our query personalization tool My TipTop. The
    significance of users' being able to save relevant answers to their
    questions (as well as the questions themselves, so that new matching
    answers can be easily found) was not lost on Zaino whose article looks
    at search in the Question & Answer sense as a shared community experience:

    "The idea behind My TipTop is that users can match
    top-of-mind queries at with snippets from others – Tips (positive comments),
    piTs (caveat emptor-type stuff) or Neither (neutral) – in a “call and
    response” fashion, and then share these as selected searches, as
    selected tips and piTs via email, or to match people's tips and tops
    through Twitter."

    In this post, we show you a real example of how I used "My TipTop" to find the perfect baby
    for our little girl. In this case, My TipTop was primarily used as a workspace to save tweets & queries from multiple TipTop search results pages. Positive (Tip) & negative (piT) product review tweets were saved about specific strollers queried. Neutral tweets were saved containing links to "how to choose" a baby stroller for example. Product queries like "instep jogging" were also saved to compare consumer sentiment ratings across brands. Tip: Look for the "Add to My TipTop" icon
    MyTipTop to store specific tweets or the query itself to My TipTop when using TipTop search.

    While using "My TipTop" for finding which baby stroller was most
    compatible with our active lifestyle, baby's needs and family budget I was able

    1. compile a lot of real-time product reviews from a multiple search
      results pages,
    2. identify specific strollers, search TipTop and save the queries as 
      topics to compare ratings, get related concepts & the latest tweets,
    3. complete the circle by helping others by sharing my findings &
      matching one person's Tip to another's Top.


    Once all the legwork was done searching on TipTop, adding items to My TipTop, and comparing results the stroller solution presented itself: Jeep Sport, Contours Stroller or the Instep Stroller. Although not yet integrated with My TipTop, TipTop Shopping's unique product review summaries & rating scores helped me finalize a purchasing decision by comparing these strollers across quality, price & safety ratings.

    It is, of course, TipTop's semantic technology that makes it possible
    for individual consumers to mine the community's knowledge (and
    willingness to share it) in a useful as well as timely manner, like
    when a particular question for which others may have useful tips is
    top-most in their mind. Making the deluge of unstructured data, like real-time tweets,
    meaningful to individuals is what TipTop's Insight Engine is all about. The article "Opinion gathering: making sense of unstructured data",
    illustrates the current search dilemma:

    of a few random web pages with some
    information on the product embedded in them, we prefer the output to be
    packed with purchase advices from customer reviews. This will enable us
    to leverage on the experience of the people who
    bought this product in the past. So, we need a search service that
    understands the semantics of a web page- not the one that simply churns
    out a set of web page links." J. Murali, The Hindu

    Life happens real-time & TipTop's results intrinsically reflect that
    dynamic nature. TipTop's semantic sauce takes care of finding the best
    Tips around any current topic or "Top" people enter into the Insight
    Engine. Two additional components for finding the best Tips for what is
    on the Top of your mind are being able to bookmark searches (Tops) &
    snippets (Tips) and the ability to match one person's Tip with
    another's Top. This is where the My TipTop tool helps you organize your
    real-time search experience through the ability to add snippets of
    information (tweets), tagged to search topics, into My TipTop.

    Using the
    My TipTop tool allows users to easily store and compare similar or
    disparate real-time tweet content by sentiment type, search topics &
    time in the "Selected Tips & piTs" section. Your searches (Tops)
    can also be saved, compared, results updated & related topics
    displayed in My TipTop's "Selected Queries" section as well. In addition
    you can take action on your research & help others by matching
    their questions (Tops) with answers (Tips) you have found in the "Tips
    & Tops for Matching" section.

    The My TipTop tool & interface was created as a first step in
    alleviating the frustration of not being able to capture, compare &
    match dynamically changing real-time content. Please send us your feedback so we can improve "My TipTop" and stay tuned in for many more enhancements & functionality to make your & others' life experiences more TipTop.

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team – because life happens in real


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    Corporate Sentiment, Company Stock Tickers & Social Media Converge in TipTop Finance

    TipTop Logo Recently launched TipTop
    lets you explore who is bullish, bearish or neutral & why for the financial markets and any publicly traded company. Our new site integrates quarterly corporate earnings calendars, daily company reporting lists & finance-specific social media search results. TipTop
    is the only place you can get pre-call and post earnings public company sentiment trends year round with social search results specific to the financial industry. As noted in a previous blog post, "TipTop's
    sentiment analysis of real-time tweets is a leading indicator, often
    predicting correctly the rise and fall in sentiment around topics
    such as
    President Obama
    approval ratings
    when measured in more traditional
    ways." (Read more from
    "TipTop's Presidential Ratings, Social Sentiment & Financial Indicators").

    From the TipTop
    hub page users can:
     'TipTop Finance - Corporate Sentiment & Ticker Trends'

    • Use the Quarterly Earnings Calendar to select specific dates for company earnings reports, view reporting company's sentiment trend charts, and click a company's ticker symbol to see TipTop finance search results.

    • The TipTop Finance search
      pages works the same as the regular TipTop search results, only now there is the ability to toggle between regular social search
      results and finance specific content.

    TipTop now allows users to seamlessly move back and forth between finance-specific search and regular TipTop social search results pages for any query. Users can turn on & off the finance filter for their query simply by clicking the "TipTop
    " button top right of the search results page title. Compare the results below for "Wal-Mart", where you have the same TipTop layout & functionality in addition to content specific to finance.

    Wal-Mart OR $WMT Finance Filter OffWal-Mart OR $WMT Filter Finance On  

    May your blue-chips be rising, technology stars be shining & hyperbolic stocks be shorted;)

    Off the TipTop charts,

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team

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    TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Health Care, IPad, Prius, Tiger Woods & Toyota

    TipTop Hub
    TipTop In-Depth CoverageTipTop In-Depth Coverage pages illustrate how TipTop’s semantic technology can extract insights from social media, measure topical sentiment trends & aggregate real-time Web content in a meaningful way based upon people’s natural language expression found in tweets and social networking platforms like Twitter. TipTop’s sentiment charts measure trends effectively and accurately for any current topic, subject or event (See Sentiment, Social Media & Twitter Trends). TipTop also provides Tips, piTs & Top Web pages to help you determine why the positive or negative sentiment was the way it was at any moment in time. TopTop’s In-Depth Coverage can now be built easily across any number of different topic areas:



    Please enjoy TipTop’s latest In-Depth Coverage by clicking on the following topics below: Health Care, IPad, NCAA, President Obama, Prius, Tiger Woods & Toyota.
    TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Health Care Satisfaction TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: IPad Sentiment Trends TipTop In-Depth Coverage: Prius Sentiment TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: Tiger Woods Sentiment TrendsTipTop In-Depth Coverage: Toyota Sentiment Trends
    TipTop’s semantic trend analysis, satisfaction ratings & summary results creates many opportunities for a variety of stakeholders:

    • Comparatively, TipTop’s semantic trend analysis is low cost, automated,
      and more reflective of the general population while providing accurate
      polling through social media.
    • We offer the ability to get overall sentiment results as well as
      high quality accurate summary examples from any social or political
      angle through
      well chosen keyword searches.
    • You can easily find out what the exact reason is behind the numbers
      and you can find opinions at finer levels of granularity than any
      traditional polling technique could ever uncover.
    • Questions relevant to
      a topic are also learned from the data so that there is no need to ask
      a rigid set of questions at the start of a poll. The responses that are measured are spontaneous utterances of the wider
      population.  They are not influenced in any way such as in the case of
      an artificial setup of a traditional poll.

    At TipTop Technologies, we use natural language analysis, sentiment trend methodology and summary knowledge extraction that is vastly superior to all
    existing approaches so that we can truly build the future of search & the semantic Web. It is less costly, faster, more comprehensive and more
    accurate. What else could anyone want? If you are ready to embrace the
    new world of possibilities we have opened up for you, please contact us.

    Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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    TipTop’s Presidential Ratings, Social Sentiment & Financial Indicators

    sentiment analysis of real-time tweets is a leading indicator, often
    predicting correctly the rise and fall in sentiment around topics
    such as President Obama approval ratings when measured in more traditional
    ways. See our earlier blog
    post, President
    Obama's Ratings via Social Media Sentiment Trends

    this blog post, we show some striking correlations

    by comparing
    side-by-side, TipTop's satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratings with
    those of
    from November 2009 (when we started collecting data for analysis)
    till now.

    • The
      Gallup ratings and
      TipTop's semantic analysis of social media data have parallel
      results, both long term trends and daily spikes within a 3% margin
      for error. For example, why did both TipTop Sentiment and Gallup
      Poll ratings all spike positively on December 16, 2009? This was the
      date on which President Obama delivered his Nobel Prize Acceptance

    • TipTop's
      daily satisfaction dissatisfaction ratings tend to rise or fall 0-3
      days before traditional polling results spike. For example, on Jan
      28th there was a positive spike for the President's State of the
      Union Address which was reflected only a few days later in the
      Gallup ratings.

    • We
      note with
      surprise that TipTop’s presidential sentiment analysis can be
      predictive of stock market movements in the short term.
      spike of 5% or more in the daily TipTop satisfaction score (such as
      those on Nov 3, Nov 8, Dec 10, Jan 28 and Feb 6) is followed within
      a couple of days by a rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 2%
      or more.

    early findings suggest that perhaps earlier studies on whether
    Presidential ratings lead the stock market have been too quick to
    dismiss the possibility. (See for example, the April 2006 article in
    Economic Indicator: Presidential Approval Ratings
    that concludes that “
    takes a while for bad economic news to filter into polling data…[and
    by] the time poor approval ratings measure this economic pessimism,
    much of the bad news has already been priced into stocks.” A
    timely, accurate and automated polling technology like TipTop’s has
    the potential to uncove
    r surprising insights into the psychology of
    the markets.

    analysis of real-time social media as a predictive indicator is an
    active area of research at TipTop Technologies, and we look forward to presenting
    more insights 
    into the relationship of sentiment trends and financial
    markets, shopping patterns, election results and predictions for the
    2010 Academy Award Winners
    (like Sentiment Trends for President Obama). Stay tuned.


    & the


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