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Thanksgiving Planning: TipTop Now, Give Thanks Later

This Thanksgiving, reduce the hubbub around meal planning, recipe selection, travel decisions, activity ideas and Black Friday shopping — visit TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide, your one-stop destination for any tip you need for any aspect of your Thanksgiving weekend. TipTop gives you all the tips you need in one place so you can spend less time deciding how to celebrate, and more time enjoying the celebration!

For my family, this year’s Thanksgiving is all about keeping it real easy, saving time & money. Below are some useful tips I gleaned from TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving Meal Planning: Did you know that despite all the pundits’ health warnings, Fried Turkey is one of the top ten dishes people are cooking for Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t get it, all that gobbly grease, special pots & mess to clean up.

To keep it easy, I’m going with the Spatchcocked Turkey, from a Denver Post tip found by clicking Turkey in the “Food & Recipes” section of the Guide. TipTop shows other simple dishes that people are planning to prepare this year, like sweet potato, yams, mashed potatoes & green been salad.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips:

Although more people are flying this year, TipTop’s sentiment analysis shows that people don’t seem to be looking forward to air travel this Thanksgiving weekend. Travelers are talking about flight delays, last minute air fares, and the impending “TCS Opt Out Day” airport security pat-down.

Whether you are going to one of the top US or International destinations found in TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Travel section or another location you can quickly see the buzz around town, changing all the time, to get the best tips for whatever interests you. Today, the conversation buzz in these cities is:

  • NYC: dinner, family, party, pack, new york city, home
  • Atlanta: thanksgiving day, dish, party, home, turkey
  • Houston: dallas, event, family, home, thanksgiving day, for thanksgiving

My family is staying local, and riding with a little one, so I was excited to find “Thanksgiving: Tips for Traveling with Baby” tip from TipTop “Thanksgiving traveling” results.

Thanksgiving Activity & Shopping Tips:

Activity tipsGet tons of activity ideas & shopping tips, that TipTop has extracted from tweets, by clicking ‘Surprise Me’ under the Search box. Click ‘Pick Another Activity‘ until you see something of interest. You then get the best tips for decorating centerpieces, for example.

If you want to take advantage of all the Black Friday or Cyber Monday ads from Wal-mart, Target & Best Buy before you make holiday gift purchasing decisions, compare products on TipTop Shopping first. For example, I created an HDTV product comparison guide to easily sort by product attributes & quickly read the best product reviews below:

TipTop’s 2010 Thanksgiving Guide Top 10 lists will be updated over the next week to capture the ongoing Thanksgiving buzz, and TipTop’s search results are always exposing new tips so come back often to let TipTop help you quickly discover the best tips, get varied perspectives, and ultimately help you make better decisions.

Have a delicious Thanksgiving celebration!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team Why? Because life happens in real time!


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TipTop’s 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special

TipTop Search Logo Sunnyvale, CA, November 13, 2009: TipTop Technologies, Inc. presents TipTop's 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special

TipTop Search celebrates Thanksgiving through your activities, festivities, events, foods, plans, recipes, travels and tweets. We invite you to experience the power of's real-time semantic social search with this years 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special at

TipTop Thanksgiving Special Home  Following on the heels of the 2009 Halloween Costume Special, TipTop is excited to present TipTop's 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special which reveals now, and will continue to reveal through Thanksgiving weekend, all kinds of insights about what people are really planning to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, what Thanksgiving dishes are becoming popular this year, which desserts people are craving, and what beverages you should stock for your Thanksgiving guests. For a quick look at what all the talk on twitter is about check out the TipTop Search box and click Pick One Search  "Pick One Thing", then a randomized Thanksgiving search topic will be generated Pick Another Search so you can click "TipTop" to see the search results. To see more 2009 Thanksgiving insights, tips and ideas around food and travel, click the "Thanksgiving Food" and "Thanksgiving Travel" tabs below the search box.

The food related Top 10 Lists, popular Thanksgiving recipe and concept cloud food searches reveal that Turkey is still the top meat and sweet potato ranks high as the vegetable of choice. Mac n Cheese and Turduckens seem to be keeping everyone satiated around the middle. For those with twitter IDs, you can Re-Tip and share the Top 10 Lists, favorite recipe searches and more to start experiencing the full power of TipTop Search when used with twitter's communication and publishing platform.

 Thanksgiving Food


If you are interested in finding insights about everyone's Thanksgiving travel plans and activities, then click on the "Thanksgiving Travel" tab. You will see that New York is the top destination in the US to celebrate Thanksgiving, while Canada and London are the most popular international locations for twitter users this Thanksgiving season. Overall sentiment on twitter, tweets grouped into positive Tips and negative piTs, can be seen by moving a cursor over the 3D cube right of each list topic.  For TipTop search results you can click the links in the "Top 10 US Travel Locations" list or popular "Thanksgiving Travel Cloud" below to see why people are talking about Ann Arbor during the Thanksgiving holidays, how they are getting to Dallas, who they are going to see in San Francisco, and what they plan to do in Miami. Need a ride, want to find a cheep flight, need some activity ideas, or want to find someone to spend Thanksgiving with? TipTop's Thanksgiving Travel Cloud has lots of travel related topics to delve into as well as ideas on where to go or stay during the Thanksgiving break.

TipTop Search can help you find the right people, at the right time to help you fulfill your needs, however they change over time, place a
nd head space.

How are the Top 10 Thanksgiving Food & Travel Lists and Concept Clouds generated?

TipTop’s advanced semantic engine understands each and every tweet just
like a human being would. As a result, it can discover from within the
tweets exactly what people's favorite dishes are or what folks are going to prepare for their Thanksgiving meals. TipTop's semantic  search algorithm also looks at tweets about where and how people are planning to travel, along with where they will be celebrating this Thanksgiving. Once
collected and aggregated across individual tweets, this knowledge is
presented organized in several different ways in TipTop's 2009 Thanksgiving Search Special page. We classify the food related results into a number of natural categories and
show the top dishes, desserts, drinks along with recipe related searches via and For travel related results we include search categories for top US cities and international travel destinations along with where people are planing to stay during the Thanksgiving holiday, ranked on each items overall
popularity. In the concept clouds for food and travel related topics, the sentiment attached to each topic search results set is computed and
reported by estimating the sentiment expressed in each of the
corresponding tweets from Twitter's API feeds.

About TipTop Technologies

Technologies, Inc. is an emerging Silicon Valley-based company
founded in summer of 2008 whose first consumer-facing product on the
Internet was launched at in June 2009.
Through building some unique and powerful technology at the outset,
TipTop is well-positioned to take up a leadership position in the
growing market of semantic-driven products both in the consumer and
the enterprise space.

further information, please contact:

Shyam Kapur, President & CEO

TipTop Technologies, Inc.


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