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TipTop Social Interactions: Ask, Tell & Respond

If you haven’t been to TipTop’s home page @ recently, now is a great time to get reacquainted and check out the “From: TipTop To: TipTop” section. If you are a fan of TipTop on Facebook and follow @twitTipTop on Twitter, then you probably know that you can see a complete social networking profile of TipTop’s social media interactions on Twitter at TipTop_InteractionsHere you can see company news, products updates,  insightful musings & tweets, people we communicate with, tweeps who interact with us and our products, and the social sentiment around all of these social networking interactions.

On TipTop’s hub page, we are now featuring selected tweets from TipTop users, TipTop answers to people’s questions, fun insights into using TipTop, and editorially selected topics and polls. You can use the box “Enter your tip here…” to interact with @twitTipTop via Twitter, asking questions, sharing Tips, responding to polls, and possibly having your tweet featured on TipTop’s hub page to be seen by tens of thousands of our users! Please respond to @twitTipTop on Twitter with whatever you would like to tell TipTop today. 🙂

Enjoy & Have a Tip Top Weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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TipTop Hippity Hop Challenge

Where will you be hopping off to for Sunday Brunch? There are a number of Easter Brunch restaurant picks out there like Zagot’s Easter Feasting, Gayot’s Easter Best Of, OpenTable’s Easter Sunday Offers, and the SF Examiner’s Kid-Friendly Easter. How or what will you be served when you get there? You can find out where to go, but how do you choose what to eat once you get there? TipTop Food can offer the following ordering insights below:

  • Cafe Majestic’s TipTop dishes include soups, scallops, foie gras, and anything with mint.
  • Dosa’s TipTop dishes include lamb, calamari, dosas, and anything masala.
  • Home’s TipTop dishes include cornbread, mac and cheese, bread pudding, and salads.
  • Silks’s TipTop dishes include lobster, duck, crab, and anything sashimi.
  • Bar Bambino’s TipTop dishes include cheese plates, charcuterie, egg bruschetta, and anything olive oil.
  • EPIC Roasthouse’s TipTop dishes include mac and cheese, squid salad, oysters, and horseradish creme fraiche.

If you try any of these suggestions out, please let us know how TipTop’s choices bounced around your gullet and post a comment on the TipTop blog, on TipTop’s Fan Page on Facebook, or share a tweet with us @twittiptop on Twitter. Happy Hip Hopping!

The TipTop Team

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