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Find Me a Gift, Make Me a Match, Be My TipTop Valentine

Who needs cupid for Valentine’s Day when you have TipTop!  If you are already feeling smitten & know your sweetheart’s twitter name, just enter it in TipTop’s Valentine Gift Finder & you will get personalized gift ideas for them. If you are bit more sly, enter your own twitter ID and share your favorite gift ideas with that special someone. Of course, you can browse our Valentine ‘gifts for’ lists & shop for presents for your girlfriend, husband, lover or a new guy or girl in your life.Valentine matches for @ladygaga

So even if @tigerwoods isn’t your lover this Valentine’s Day, TipTop can help you find a special someone who is also looking for love on twitter. From the “Be My Valentine” tab on the Valentine’s Day Special, enter your (or a friends:) twitter ID & see who TipTop finds as a potential match. If you don’t see a potential partner, just hit ‘Refresh’, click to ‘View’ a person’s profile on TipTop or ‘Share’ the match with a friend or family member.

So you’ve hooked “your friends” up with some TipTop personality matches, now its time to find someone who matches your desires & needs. Maybe one of your Valentine’s date requirements is that s/he have a job. Just type in “work” and connect with those perspective matches by clicking the interaction buttons below their message. 

Now that you found a date & bought a gift its time to figure out where to take your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Check out all the Valentine weekend romantic activity ideas TipTop compiled from thousands of tweets, semantically analyzed and presented in Top 10 lists and searchable concept cloud. Click to see them all! TipTop's 2011 Valentine's Day Top Activity Lists

Top romantic destinations for Valentine’s weekend in 2011 include: Vegas, Chicago, LA, Miami, NYC, Atlanta, Paris, London, Houston, and Hawaii.

We hope TipTop has made your Valentine’s Day one to remember no matter which kind of match you have made!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Revealing Cupid’s Tweets for Valentine’s Day Romancing in 2010

TipTop 2010 Valentine's Day Special Valentine's Day kisses & romantic interludes may await you if you take advantage of all the great Happy Valentine ideas, gifts, activities & people looking for love in TipTop's 2010 Valentine Special.TipTop Valentine Romantic Activities

 Search for others on TipTop who are lookng for love, to "be my Valentine" or "want a valentine". ValentinesdaycloudThen figure out where to take your sweetheart "for Valentine's Day" by checking out all the Valentine weekend romantic activity ideas TipTop compiled from tweets, semantically analyzed and presented in top 10 lists and links in a concept cloud. Top romantic destinations for Valentine's weekend currently include: New Orleans, Indianapolis, Miami, LA, New York, London, Dallas, Vegas, Chicago and Paris. The popularity of these cities, places and activities will change over the next week as you and others continue to tweet, so make sure you come back often to see the latest Top 10 Romantic Activities and TipTop search results.

Next on the list are Valentine's cards, presents and gifts! TipTop has made it easy for you to find original ideas by browsing the Valentine's Gift Cloud and clicking the links to get more insights and real-time results. If you see what that special someone might like in the Top Valentine's Gift lists, you can simply click on the gift box icon or search on TipTop Shopping to buy whatever you need. Valentinesgifts
As of now, the hot Valentine's presents & gifts include: Dinner, Tickets, Chocolate, Ipad, Flowers, Roses, Candy, Jewelry, Lingerie, and a Box of Chocolates. But these items will change over this next week the more you tweet, Re-Tip and interact with others on TipTop. Of course you can always peruse TipTop search results for Romantic Gifts, Surprise Gifts, Freaky Gifts or Edible Gifts.

How many original ideas for Valentine's Day can you can find on TipTop's 2010 Valentine's Day Special? Make sure you share them with us via @TwitTipTop.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day however it unfolds!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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