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My TipTop, SemTech 2010 & the Innovate!100 Pitch Slam

Tiptop blog logo Woohoo! Thanks to all the TipTop fans voting for TipTop Technologies, Inc. in's SemTech Startup contest, we are excited to be chosen as a semi-finalist in's Innovate! 2010 competition at the 2010
Semantic Technology Conference
located in the Hilton San Francisco, June 23rd-25th, 2010. You can learn
more about TipTop & meet some team members at our table in the "Start Up
Alley" section on the exhibit floor on Wednesday & Thursday. TipTop
founder, Shyam Kapur will participate in a “Pitch Slam” at the SemTech
conference with seven other semi-finalists Thursday, June 24 from 3:30 –
5:45, for a chance to become a finalist in the Innovate!100 Pitch Slam for top startup companies. Don't forget to drop by our booth and
participate in the Persona Predictor semantic game and get daily 2010 SemTech Conference sentiment trends & social media highlights at TipTop's #SemTech 2010 Daily Trends & Snippets conference coverage page.

Also, this month TipTop is celebrating its first year anniversary of the birth of its social search & insight engine and we are excited to announce the launch of "My TipTop"MyTipTopat this time. My TipTop will become a core component of TipTop's
enabling users to bring any Web content, analyzed through TipTop's semantic engine, under their control in manageable snippets. Anyone can use My TipTop by searching on  & then adding snippets,  with people & search content to compare topics, bookmark results and match people's questions (Tops) with others' answers (Tips).

For example, use My TipTop to help make the most of your SemTech 2010 conference experience on or offline:
Adding Content to My TipTop

  1. Try some queries on TipTop, like "semtech", "semtech2010" or "semantic conference".
  2. While browsing TipTop results, Add useful Tips, piTs or Neither snippets to My TipTop for yourself, a friend or an attendee.
  3. To add companies participating in the SemTech 2010 conference, to compare in My TipTop's "Selected Queries" section enter the company name in the search box and then click MyTipTop in the search results title bar. You can see the last three "Selected Queries" in the left column My TipTop module.
  4. Look for "My TipTop" on the left side of the search results page and
    click "See all" to go to My TipTop. There, you can sort, browse your "Selected Tips
    & piTs" and take action.
  5. Once on My TipTop, looking at (A) "Selected Tips & piTs" you can add search topics to (B) "Selected
    Queries" or (C) Add snippets to match people's questions (Add to Tops) with
    other's answers (Add to Tips).MyTipTop_SemTech2
  6. Besides taking (A) the Actions above, you can (B) Sort, (C) Search & (D) View Top Tips & piTs via My TipTop to help compare items & see more details.
  7. Share your (A) Selected Searches & (B) Selected Tips & piTs via Email or (C) Match people's Tips & Tops through twitter.

  Let @twitTipTop know how you like My TipTop & make sure you follow the social media buzz for the 2010
Semantic Technology Conference
. If you go, please stop by TipTop's table along the Startup Alley & remember to enter your twitter ID in our Persona Predictor game.

Have a TipTop Father's Day weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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Week in Review: TipTop Perspectives

TipTop Logo This week TipTop is participating in's SemTech Startup competition, "identifying
the best-of-breed startups in the Semantic Technology,
Semantic Web space
". TipTop's Insight engine constantly features the best-of-breed results for any current topic. Each day this week, TipTop's hub has featured a variety of trendy & public interest topics highlighting some great Tips and unique perspectives from twitter users. These Top Tips & TipTop use cases can be found at TipTop's Insight Archive.



Just as the world around us is constantly changing, TipTop's results reflect the ever changing dynamics of people's opinions, new discoveries & solutions to complex problems. For example:

  • Kites, real-time movie reviews: See why people think of "Kites movie" as 43% Tips & 8% piTs on TipTop Share TipTop results like this by clicking
    I Like

Perspectives on the movie Kites

  • Lost finale, perplexed TV fans share their thoughts as TipTop captures them:
    Lost conversation topics

Lost Finale perspectives

  •   French Open TrendsAs the 1st Round of the French Open kicked off, TipTop's results captured tennis fan's winning predictions & off court whispers. TipTop's results are real-time, so come back often to see a topics trends & get search tips as well.  

French Open perspectives

  • BTipKill ContentP's "Top Kill" solution to the Gulf Coast oil spill generated a lot of buzz this week, however it did not drive many to have favorable opinions towards Toyota & the Prius, as the social media sentiment trends showed this week. Regardless of President Obama's involvement, his approval ratings have stayed stable, like his demeanor, over the past week, so use TipTop's In-depth coverage to see a summary of what was happening each day to affect the slight changes to his presidential ratings. As you can see, people voices many thoughts about the "BP oil spill" disaster as well as sharing a lot of Web pages.

BP Top Kill Perspectives

Memorial Day Perspectives

If you think TipTop rocks the semantic world, please take a moment and vote for TipTop Technologies on

Have a TipTop weekend!

Greg Martin & the TipTop Team


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