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Looking to watch FIFA 2014? Let TipTop help!

The FIFA World Cup is finally back, and fans from all over the world are tuning in to get a glimpse of the action. But what good is watching FIFA if you can’t have the best viewing experience there is? TipTop’s new TV Widget will help you find the best TV to watch football with just the click of a button! 

TipTop’s TV Widget takes multiple TV models and analyzes different reviews on each one. It then creates categories and evaluates each TV’s strength in these categories.  Below is what the widget looks like in action!


On the left, you will find each TV model being compared. Under “Select a Television,” you are able to pick a television that you would like to learn more about. As soon as you start entering a television brand, the matching television models will appear right there in a dropdown list. You will find each category that TipTop has created on the top of the page and below them, the scores TipTop has given to the specific television. Scores that are above 0.5 indicate more positive reviews than negative for the model in a specific category, while those below 0.5 indicate more negative reviews than positive. A score equal to 0.5 shows that the number of positive and negative reviews were about equal for that category.

There are scroll bars on the top and bottom and left and right of the page that allow you to compare multiple TV’s at once as well as view all of their scores easily. In the above demo, the category, “color” is highlighted as the main comparative feature and this can be done by selecting “color” from the “to compare by” drop down menu on the top left. 

By clicking on one of scores, TipTop provides you with links and previews of different websites reviewing the TV model and talking about that specific feature. Just click on the small square box to the left of the description, and TipTop will redirect you to the site. 

We at TipTop hope you enjoy the World Cup this year and are glad that we could help make your viewing experience better! 

Rahul Raj, Marketing Intern at TipTop Technologies

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